Dyllis Pilot Scenes
Opening credits, logo Move.
Kid hackers discover secret files.
Alien scanning hillside.
intro – what are we doing
surprise larry, plans have changed slightly.
alien scanning bear, it has alcohol in it.
on the road, filming highway, hills, gravel.
rooster, note, gathering at foothills.
alien kills female jogger
uphill climb, gun?
1/3 panorama.
2/3 disagree, look we took the long way. stay here, i’ll explore
find cabin, explore it, creepy pic
david jump scare
find moonshine, lets eat

tripping scene
alien sees smoke.
kamrons late, has to go back
alien attacks kamron

cooking, toast/poem/roast, molotov
alien watches us cook out
chris goes to get wood
alien attacks chris
wheres chris? lets go look for him
find chris
see alien, flee.
get lost, night vision
circle back to cabin, enter
what are you doing? i have an idea, molotov cocktail
turn off the light, alien in window
alien on roof
cover me, larry continues to pour moonshine, chris films from far corner
alien goes to other window, opens door, chris shoots as larry flees
chris runs out, cabin explodes
run downhill, take shortcut
agent arriving, surveying
kid hackers

alien kills fisherman?
alien kills ranger?
alien spies on party?
alien spares someone? is alcohol what hes looking for?